About Us



Founded in 1999 Amiyoga integrates the foundations of Hatha Yoga with Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa flow, Sports injury Therapy, Alexander Technique and Meditation. 

AmiYoga is dedicated to provide Yoga therapy for all health issues, disabilities and levels of practice with focus on transforming the mind, body and spirit to rehabilitate from life’s struggles, develop positivity and cultivate self-belief.

Ann-Marie first discovered Yoga practice in her mission to rehabilitate herself after a car accident left her in agonising pain with paralysis of her left arm and unable to continue her practice as an established sports injury therapist.

After regaining full strength, mobility and pain relief, Ann-Marie’s path lead to train to be a Yoga teacher with dedication and passion to rehabilitate others.

Now an established Teacher with 20 years of Experience, Ann-Marie has taught yoga for Disability groups, Rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol abuse, Health Clubs, Rugby and football teams, Backpain management, Schools and one to ones for post-surgery and injury rehabilitation.

Ann-Marie’s commitment lays within connecting to the community and in 2013 She Founded The Yoga Therapy Foundation to raise funds to provide Yoga therapy classes for People living with Cancer, Respiratory health patients, Neurological wellbeing and MIND.

Ann-Marie Founded the AmiYoga Studio in Hull providing Workshops, Retreats, mentorship to trainees and 200 Hr Yoga Teacher training and is recognised as a leading name for Yoga Teacher Training in East Yorkshire.