Yoga Teacher Training


While there is no standard set in stone for what makes a great yoga teacher, there are certain qualities at AmiYoga, that we encourage all our qualified Yoga Teachers and new trainees to be mindful of:

We Begin with a genuine passion, love and enthusiasm for yoga and inspiration to heal and support others. 

A great yoga teacher will have extensive knowledge and intelligence of the application of teaching Yoga. This knowledge includes a thorough understanding of Philosophy, Anatomy, Teaching methodology, Alignment, ethics of teaching and safety during practice. 

We believe an effective yoga teacher has the ability and intuition, despite class size, to teach every student as an individual with support. 

A great yoga teacher will connect personally to make every student feel welcome, included and inspired. 

An effective teacher will adapt their lesson plan mindfully to benefit the needs within the group and provide modifications, variations and mindful assists to suit the individual needs, health issues and level of practice present in the group. 

At AmiYoga Yoga Teacher Training, our aim is to empower our students with a strong foundation in the Principals and Philosophies of teaching Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa as a Therapy in a Safe and Effective manner with emphasis on Alignment, Functional Anatomy, Physiology, Intelligent sequencing and Yoga as a therapy for specific health issues, injury and rehabilitation.

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