One to one yoga lessons

At Amiyoga we are dedicated to helping you achieve your  individual goals from your yoga practice- whether its to learn techniques for  relaxation, injury rehabilitation, sports specifics, improve your flexibility,  weight lose, understand yoga philosophy, for pre and post natal or to learn  more physically demanding postures to improve and strengthen your practice.

Many people choose one to one yoga lessons as they may have health problems, injuries or are recovering from surgery and want a specific practice to benefit your individual needs and rehabilitation.  Perhaps you don’t like  the idea of joining a class or you find your work schedule to demanding to  attend a regular class.  Maybe you are an experienced yoga practitioner and wish to develop and improve your practice.  

One to one yoga  lessons within your own home or your workplace can be an ideal way to fit yoga  into your life and focus on your needs.

An initial consultation will enable Ann-Marie to gain an  understanding of your Ayurverdic body type, (Dosha), your health problems and  injuries and to practice techniques with you which will help to identify any  postural issues.  We will discuss your  individual aims and ambitions and Ann-Marie will develop a personal practice  plan beneficial to help relieve your health problems, improve your posture and  work towards achieving your goals.  You  will be provided with handouts to encourage you to practice in your own time.

A one to one yoga lesson deepens your understanding of yoga  philosophy and enables you to practice specific postures, breathing techniques,  alignment adjustments and modifications suitable for your health and level of  practice.

Whether you want to meet once monthly or weekly or have a one off lesson to focus on techniques you maybe struggling with in the class, the choice is yours.

As you develop and improve your practice Ann-Marie will  encourage you to progress at a pace that suits you.

Ann-Marie provides One to one yoga in Hull and surrounding East Yorkshire villages at £40.00 per lesson. 

If there is a group of you wanting to practice together at  your home or workplace then the price is negotiable.

If you are interested in One to one yoga lessons or  have any queries please don't hesitate to contact  Ann-Marie on 07791172539/